Material Difference

Material Difference

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Here at bespoke, we have a couple of different material options for you. Both are hard wearing and both are suitable for long term use, but your specific needs vs budget need to be considered.

On the one hand, we use ABS-X, a high quality material suitable for long term, strong parts. This material is strong, and durable with tensile strength of 43.6MPa (ISO527).


However, sometimes stronger material is needed, and that’s where our Engineering grade Carbon Fiber Infused Nylon comes in. This material is a hybrid Nylon with Carbon Fibers infused into it providing exceptional strength and performance with a tensile strength of 860MPa (ISO527).

Carbon Fiber Infused Nylon

No, strong isn’t cheap and the cost of this material is triple the cost of ABS-X so it is going to cost you more to have your parts printed in this material, but if strength is the overall goal, then its worth the extra cost to know its as good as it gets.

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